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Since 2006, Tkach Metal Forming Consultants has helped more than 200 companies identify and implement innovative manufacturing and process solutions.

Our network includes engineers with years of shop floor experience as well as technical experts with diverse research backgrounds. We leverage this broad expertise to help our clients identify new technology and bring it into production.

Adding new process capabilities offers an excellent opportunity for manufacturers to expand into new markets, improve margins, and adapt to changing customer demands. We are your pathfinder and creative process innovator. Our team will guide you to appropriate technologies, provide non-biased supplier recommendations, and provide personalized training so your staff is equipped to manage the project.

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Suzanne Tkach, founder and innovator of the firm, has worked in the metal forming industry for nearly three decades. Her approach of offering non-biased, tech-driven advice has established Tkach Metal Forming Counsultants as a trusted development partner for not only forging manufacturers but also for forging customers.

Suzanne is an expert in  DEFORM2D & 3D Finite Element Analysis for the full range of metal forming processes. She has a deep technical understanding of how processing sequences can impact the quality and performance of final products.

Prioritizing what is “right” for the customer is central to any client relationship. Suzanne’s knowledge, industry connections, and hands-on project-based training has 90% of her clients contracting for multiple projects.


We specialize in helping clients discover the “why” behind the “what” they do. Having worked with companies of all sizes, we understand that demands and priorities can differ. For a smaller manufacturer, a single project can have a BIG impact.

Given our extensive international experience, we are uniquely positioned to help North American companies succeed and compete in the global marketplace. Whether you are looking at expanding into new markets or re-shoring production, we can help you find the best path forward.

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