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Forging is the premier manufacturing process for performance, aesthetics, and cost. A forged part will be stronger, lighter, more resistant to shock and fatigue, and more economical to produce than a similarly shaped cast, fabricated, or machined part. Forging achieves this by manipulating material properties to maximize strength, ductility, resistance to impact, and fatigue while eliminating internal defects. These benefits make forging the logical choice for safety-critical components.  Specialized forging processes also can produce parts with complex profiles and an excellent surface finish to satisfy the modern industrial aesthetic without the need for expensive secondary operations.


In an ideal world, essential factors like target sale price, production quantity, material specifications, and required characteristics of the finished part determine the optimal forging progression, and that progression determines what equipment is needed. However, in the real world, manufacturers don’t always have the freedom to start with a blank sheet. Instead, they must work within the limitations of existing equipment. Tkach Metal Forming Consultants understands how process and equipment limitations can affect the success of a project.


Repurposing existing equipment can reduce capital expenses, but trade-offs are often required.  With an equipment-driven process, engineers must work within the limitations of existing equipment. Design decisions to accommodate those limitations may introduce inefficiencies and drive up costs. In situations like this, it pays to have a holistic understanding of the manufacturing process to find the best path forward.


When developing a process from scratch, it’s best to let the forging progression drive equipment specifications. This approach has two significant benefits. First, process-driven designs tend to be more cost-effective. Second, such designs foster innovative solutions and efficient operations. Tkach Metal Forming Consultants can help you design the right progression for your part with the right technology for the job.

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