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We act as pathfinders to help manufacturers expand into new materials, new processes, and new markets. Our network of industry experts reduces the strain of critical projects on your engineering staff by identifying solutions best suited for your operation.

We know the metal forming industry, including hot, warm, and cold forging, heading, primary metals, stamping, and specialty applications. When you engage Tkach Metal Forming Consultants, you benefit not only from our extensive shop floor experience but also from our deep technical knowledge and skill with state-of-the-art process simulation software.

We identify the right technology and resources to:

  • Improve existing processes
  • Avoid or eliminate costly tooling and equipment failures
  • Establish productive relationships with vendors and suppliers

Tkach Metal Forming Consultants provides non-biased recommendations and offers personalized training to your associates so they are prepared to manage the solution.



To stay competitive in metal forming, manufacturers must innovate. Our experts help you identify the right technologies to support expansion into new materials, new processes, and new markets.


Long-running processes often have room for improvement. We shine a light into the black box of process behavior to help you understand why your process works as it does and identify ways to improve efficiency and eliminate defects.


Low-incidence, recurring catastrophic failures can cost millions of dollars. Our team investigates and identifies not only the mode of failure but also the root cause. That way you can resolve the problem, not just manage the symptoms.


When gearing up to produce a new part or implement a new process, the right equipment is essential. Let our experts provide a non-biased recommendation on necessary press, furnace, and tooling suppliers so your team can reduce risk and make capital investments with confidence.


Metal Forming Simulation Technology is the fastest, most cost-effective process development tool in today’s competitive metal forming marketplace.  We use DEFORMâ„¢ finite element simulations to help manage your development or manufacturing challenges and validate your tools and process.


For forging consumers, we provide education in the fundamentals of metal forming to help you work more effectively with your suppliers. For metal forming professionals, we provide customized training in the latest science and technology to strengthen your team.


In depth forging knowledge from both a technical and shop floor perspective sets our consultants apart.

Forging Manufacturers: Because we understand what drives process decisions, our team will guide you through developing a new process or quantifying an existing process for improvement. We can provide 3D modeling and forging simulations to advance component design and validate process viability before any changes are applied on the shop floor.

Forging Consumers: Is forging right for you? Our team can help you integrate forged parts into your products by providing feedback on a part’s forging manufacturability, identifying process options, and making non-biased recommendations of possible vendors and suppliers. We also can train your purchasing and supplier quality management staff in the metal forming concepts necessary to establish productive relationships with suppliers.

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